To evaluate the commitment of the employees and managers of the organization.

In this respect, Qmetrics SA has set up a partnership with other bodies with complementary experience and competence, APQ (Portuguese Association for Quality), QUAL (Quality-Management Training and Services Ltd) and APG (Portuguese Association of Human Resources Managers and Specialists), with the aim of developing the National Human Resources Observatory (ONRH) project in an unbiased, credible and rigorous manner.


The ONRH’s objective is to position itself as a National Employee Satisfaction Barometer, supplying member organisations with a management support tool that not only allows them to measure employee satisfaction, loyalty and involvement levels but also to:

  • Identify and quantify the relationships with their explanatory factors;
  • Compare data on the variables studied with aggregated benchmark values for all the Portuguese member organisations of ONRH;
  • Carry out detailed analyses of the results obtained, including suggestions related to the possible areas of improvement identified.

Qmetrics also affords its customers the opportunity to integrate the employee and customer satisfaction and loyalty models, thus permitting in particular:

  • Better estimation of the results for customer and employee satisfaction;
  • An evaluation of the impact of employee satisfaction on customer satisfaction and on business profitability resulting from investment in improving employee satisfaction and performance;
  • The alignment of employee satisfaction improvement programmes with customer satisfaction programmes;
  • Identification and quantification of the dependency relationship between the organisation’s customer satisfaction and that of its employees.

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