To evaluate the image and reputation of organizations, as well as the brand strength and positioning against the competition.


The need for these studies is now widespread. Their implementation allows:

  • To identify image attributes that characterize better an organization and that are more relevant to the formation of the global image from the customer point of view;
  • To understand the attributes of image that are of highest priority in the view of the business strategy and market positioning;
  • To identify the main factors or attributes of the image that may contribute to narrow the distance to the ideal organization from the point of view of the customer;
  •  To set up a benchmarking system between different companies and/or relevant market segments, leading to the positioning and distance between them and against the “ideal”;
  • To identify the strengths and weaknesses associated with the image, to quantify the strength of the brand and to measure the levels of reputation;
  • To identify relevant actions in order to improve the image or market repositioning.

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