Presently, every organization recognizes the importance of quality, of customer satisfaction and employee commitment. These aspects have a decisive impact on their financial results and medium-term and long-term value.

The methodologies available until recently did not allow to properly measure these intangible assets, assess the relationship between the value of these assets and the financial results or, even to know the impact of organization’s strategic decisions on these assets.

With the use of modern methodologies, Qmetrics – Serviços de Consultadoria, Gestão e Avaliação da Qualidade e Satisfação SA, created in 2000, aims to offer a solution for these difficulties.

Thus, Qmetrics’ main MISSION is to contribute to our customers’ competitiveness by helping them to supply products and services with quality levels that guarantee the satisfaction and loyalty of their own customers and, in this way, their survival and future development. Qmetrics’ customers are generally market-leaders with whom we have sought to establish a genuine partnership.

Qmetrics uses the most modern methodologies, the best international practices and a team of recognized specialists who are committed to excellence and technical reliability in the services provided.

In addition, Qmetrics’ VISION is to establish itself as a benchmark of reliability and professionalism in its fields of activity, with a high capacity to innovate and create value for its customers.

Qmetrics activity is ruled by a core of VALUES among which we should emphasize the excellence, the innovation, the integrity, the social responsibility and the teamwork.

In order to well accomplish its mission and vision, Qmetrics launched in 2007 a new company named Qdata- Recolha e Tratamento de Dados Lda, that has as main goal to collect data with high quality standards.

Qmetrics started recently, in 2012, its process of internationalization with the setting up of Qmetrics Brasil and the opening of an office in São Paulo. A crucial step on this direction was given recently with the launching ,in association with Universidade de São Paulo and ACSI – American Customer Satisfaction Index, the BCSI – Brazilian Customer satisfaction Index ( that we expect it will become the Brazilian reference in this field.

Chairman and CEO of the Board