Qmetrics’ main MISSION is to contribute to our customers’ competitiveness by helping them to supply products and services with quality levels that guarantee the satisfaction and loyalty of their own customers and, in this way, their survival and future development.

Qmetrics’ VISION is to establish itself as a benchmark of reliability and professionalism in its fields of activity, with a high capacity to innovate and create value for its customers.

The core values that rule Qmetrics activity are the following ones:

  • Excellence. We settle always for better than good because good isn’t enough good.
  • Integrity. The need to compete doesn’t exclude the duty to be honest in our behavior.
  • Innovation. Challenge the status quo to produce something better.
  • Respect. We respect our employees, customers, partners and the whole community.
  • Teamwork. We recognize that being a member of a tested ,challenged and successful team is as important in work as in life.
  • Social responsibility. Qmetrics looks for producing benefits to society beyond narrow economic goals.