Several publications have presented the methodology adopted by Qmetrics to measure and manage customer and employee satisfaction. Among these is a book written by Manuel Vilares and Pedro Simões Coelho, prefaced by Miguel Cadilhe and published by Escolar Editora, with the title: “Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty – Methodologies for evaluation, management and analysis” (ISBN 972-592-191-7).


The book covers the several stages of these studies, including topics related with data collection (sampling, exploratory research, questionnaire design, field work), the methods for analysing and exploring that data (descriptive methods and explanatory methods), the presentation of results (emphasizing the graphical aspect) and the implementation of recommendations. The book also puts significant emphasis on the relationships between an organization’s profitability and customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as the evaluation of the return on investments made in improving these two variables. The organization of the book, structuring the themes in 14 chapters, allows the reader to easily choose the subjects that are of most interest to him.

The book was written with two target groups in mind; the first is made up of post-graduate students in management, marketing, consumer behaviour and market research and the second is made up of the professionals working in these areas in two types of companies. On the one hand, the professionals working in companies that provide consultancy services and market research, on the other, the professionals working in the departments of the company responsible for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty or quality management.


“It’s easy to make positive comments and even to encourage the reading and studying of a comprehensive book, which is very well organized, modern, precise but easy to read as well, especially for its target public. There’s no doubt that teachers, students and professional users from the sector commercialising products of mass consumption can benefit from reading, re-reading and studying the book. Even though the advice is not explicit in the book I would venture to consider that our civil service could garner excellent insights from it. In the group I manage there are certainly several hundreds of employees that should study the book from cover to cover.”

Belmiro de Azevedo

(Presidente do Grupo SONAE)

Chairman of Grupo SONAE


“It is fundamental to prepare the future of any organization, the capacity to determine and anticipate which are the decisive factors in the customer’s selection process.

In this context, the systematic approaches to evaluating the analysis of customer satisfaction and loyalty constitutes an added advantage for an organization.

Given the importance and the contemporary nature of the theme, the publication of a rigorous and high quality book such as the one the authors have provided is a relevant contribution not only from the academic perspective but especially from the business perspective.”

João Picoito

(Head of south Europe Nokia Siemens Network)


“Customer (dis)satisfaction and (dis)loyalty are fundamental focus vectors in communication, loyalty and the creation of value in the customer-organization partnership. The results TMN has shown are a demonstration of the quality of the investments made in the Market Intelligence area. This book guides you through the concept of customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys, and remains as a living testimony to the techniques used to measure these indicators”

Iriarte Esteves

(Ex Presidente da Comissão Executiva da TMN)



“This is a very in-depth book, of great technical precision, about one of the most important aspects of current strategic management. The academic and practical experience of the authors certainly assures the quality of this work.

This book is indispensable to top-level Portuguese management.”

António Bernardo

(Managing Partner da região Ibero-Latina-Americana Roland Berger Strategy Consultants)

Managing Partner of Ibero Latin America Region, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants


A book dedicated to the most valuable asset in an organization: satisfied clients. How to preserve and increase the value of this asset, how to guide and measure the efficacy of the investments made. An essential book for all those engaged in the organization’s strategic orientation.”

Manuel Carvalho Fernandes

(Presidente da AFSA,SGPS,SA))

Chairman of AFSA, SGPS,SA


“Timely reorientation or transformation for a business or public service to be successful and to reflect on the adequate accomplishment of the organization’s mission demands the attainment of a systematic and even scientifically founded perception of the customers’ or users’ degree of satisfaction.

The opposite, which is to ignore the pulse of the market represented by the universe of its customers or users or to study it in a superficial manner, implies, sooner or later, missing the organization’s commercial target and putting its continued survival at serious risk.

This book, which I know is based on very consolidated academic knowledge and work and on vast experience, is an excellent answer to this problem, making it a very reliable testimony, a solid study base and a powerful work tool.”

Manuel de Oliveira Marques

(Professor de Gestão da Universidade do Porto, ex-Presidente da Comissão Executiva do Metro do Porto, SA)

Professor of Management at University of Porto, CEO of Metro do Porto,SA


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