Qmetrics SA is composed of a team of experts in quality, marketing, economics, management

and statistics. It is able to provide an integrated response to the various aspects involved in the

evaluation of quality, satisfaction and loyalty among customers and employees.


Manuel José Vilares

Manuel José Vilares is a full professor at NOVA School of Statistic and Information Management (ISEGI), an adviser to the Bank of Portugal and chairman of the board at Qmetrics. He has a PhD in economics from the University of Dijon and a post-doctoral scientific and teaching recognition in econometrics from the NOVA University. He is one of the first members of the Portuguese Committee for the ECSI project (European Customer Satisfaction Index) and also a peer reviewer for the ESIS project (Development of the European Satisfaction Index System for the New Economy).

He was chairman of the National Statistical System Restructuring Committee and president of the INE – National Institute of Statistics. He was also a senior adviser to the European Commission on statistical and economic matters. His main advisory, teaching and research areas are econometrics, economics, statistical information systems and consumer behaviour, with particular emphasis on customer satisfaction and loyalty models. He has written scientific books and articles for publication in Portugal and abroad.

Of particular note in this regard is the book he has co-authored with Professor Pedro Simões Coelho, which was published by Escolar Editora under the title “Satisfação e Lealdade do Cliente – Metodologias de avaliação, gestão e análise” (Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty – Evaluation, management and analysis methodologies). The book is sold out and a new edition will be soon published.


Manuel Carlos Carvalho Fernandes

Manuel Carvalho Fernandes is currently an independent adviser, an entrepreneur and a member of the board of several companies, including:

Banco Banif Mais, SA
COEPAR – Consutoria e Participações de Capital, SA.
S2IS – Serviços e Investimentos Imobiliários, SGPS SA.
Brasilimo – Investimentos Imobiliários no Brasil, SGPS SA

Academic background: licentiate degree from the University of Porto School of Economics and Business (FEP – Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do Porto) in 1975; MBA from KUL (Louvain, Belgium) in 1978.

Career in the financial sector between 1979 and 1995: Banco Português do Atlântico, under-secretary at the Treasury (1986/88), chairman of Banco Comercial de Macau (1989/95) and Companhia de Seguros Bonança (1992/95) and União dos Bancos Portugueses (1993/95).


Susana Justo

Susana Justo is presently the General Manager at Qmetrics and Director of QData. Before joining this company, she worked as a statistics specialist at ACNielsen.

Academic background: postgraduate diploma in marketing research from School of Economics and Management, Technical University of Lisbon (ISEG); licentiate degree in applied mathematics from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (FCUP).